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he Chico hosts an array of special events throughout the year for the community and overnight guests, including Chico Days, concerts, annual brandings, cowboy camps, and educational workshops. Check back frequently for an updated event schedule and for details on upcoming events.

Ranchlands Special Weeks Calendar 2019 

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Cam Schryver Horsemanship + Working Ranch Experience

May 5 - 10, 2019, Ranchlands Camp
*Sold Out

A natural horsemanship experience with Ranchlands friend
and renowned horseman, Cameron Schryver. Cam is two-time
World Champion Extreme Cowboy and all those that have had
the pleasure of riding with him know that his teaching methods
are clear, practical and above all, fun. By applying working ranch
horsemanship and riding by feel, you will leave the week feeling
a deeper connection to the horse and will better understand
how to communicate, developing a better handle. Days are
spent with one-on-one horsemanship instruction, educational
demonstrations, moving and working cattle on the ranch in
accordance to the grazing plan. Spend the evenings in camp
around the fire or dinner table on the prairie discussing the day’s
experiences. Cost: $2,995pp includes all meals, instruction, a
ranch horse for use, private furnished tent and taxes

Cam Schryver Roping, Working Cattle + Branding Camp

May 12 - 17, 2019, Ranchlands Camp
*Sold Out

Chico Basin Ranch is home to Ranchlands’ largest herd of
cattle. This is a busy time of year for the ranch crew: branding,
processing and gathering cattle on a daily basis. Join the crew
each day and become part of the working team: be part of
the weekly plan, saddle your own horse, enjoy the long trot
out at dark to see the sunrise over the prairie on your way to
gather cattle. You’ll be given responsibilities to gather, check
fence and water throughout the week, be part of the branding
crew that will hold the herd, assist with vaccinations, and ear
notching. You’ll work closely with your team to ensure one of
the biggest events on the ranch calendar goes smoothly and
get to experience what ranching looked like 100 years ago.
Intermediate to experienced riding level required. At the end of
the day, relax in camp with dinner on the prairie, practice roping
or head down to the lake for a swim. Cost: $2,995 pp includes all
meals, activities, horse for use, private furnished tent and taxes

Stephen Alvarez National Geographic Photographers Workshop

May 19 - 24, 2019, Ranchlands Camp
*Limited Spaces Left

This Spring 2019, National Geographic Photographer Stephen Alvarez will be leading an immersive workshop looking closely through a lense by which he sees the world. This workshop will begin with an introduction to the landscapes of the Chico Basin Ranch and the eastern prairie in which it lies. Here, attendees will develop a deeper understanding and knowledge of the way to capture the beauty and intricacies of the prairie including the human and animal life that inhabits it. Cost: $2,995 pp includes all meals, activities, private furnished tent and taxes

Advanced Painting Horses with Jill Soukup 

May 26 - 31, 2019, Ranchlands Camp
*Sold Out

Renonwed artist Jill Soukup will be hosting her first ever
workshop in the new Ranchlands Camp. The workshop will
be focusing on drawing and painting horses. Long time friend
of Ranchlands, Jill was the Featured Artist at Coors Western
Art Sale and won Best of Show for Cowgirl Up!, Caballeros
Western Museum 2017. Discussions and exercises will cover
the importance of understanding equine anatomy, what
makes a good drawing, composition and color. You’ll have
great photo opportunities of horses running, the chance to go
riding, sessions to study the anatomy of corralled horses, and
enjoy intimate demonstrations and critiques. Space is limited.
Accommodation will be in the new Ranchlands Camp situated
on the prairie with Pikes Peak as a backdrop. The camp is fully
hosted with camp cook and attentive staff. Enjoy gourmet
meals in the open air dining room, down time around the fire
or taking hikes out of camp to the lake. Intermediate to advanced
skill level is required. Cost: $2,995 pp includes all meals, activities,
private furnished tent and taxes

Leather Workshop 

July 7 - 11, 2019

For the second year, Ranchlands is opening up our leather shop
for a 3 day workshop. Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast
or a semi pro, join our leather team to create a product that
you can take home with you. This could be a pair of chinks, a
leather satchel or maybe a delicately tooled belt. Get creative
and learn practical skills such as pattern making, tooling and
all of the steps that go into finishing leather. All tools and
instruction are supplied. Space is limited to 6 participants.
This is a great opportunity to learn a craft that was born on
the ranch out of necessity from a team that is now making
products for international brands. Cost: $1,750 pp includes
meals, instruction, lodging and taxes Leather is priced separately

Sorting + Weaning Cattle Works with Cam Schryver  

September 29 - October 5, 2019

By Fall each year, our calves are branded and grown and it’s
time for them to be weaned. Become a part of the ranch crew
through this busy time of gathering, sorting and working cattle
in the corrals. Use your horse to help sort cattle or maybe help
run gates and sorting pens. This is an intimate opportunity to
take part in a fundamental element of the ranch operation,
with plenty of riding and corral work. Be prepared for early
mornings, sometimes beginning in the dark, and long fulfilling
days. When there’s a chance, relax by or go fishing in one of
the ranches 5 springfed lakes. Prepare your own breakfast and
lunch with food supplied and then enjoy dinner with the ranch
crew. Bunk style lodging and bath. Cost: $2600 pp includes all
meals, activities, instruction, lodging and taxes

Fall & Spring Education Seasons

We are now taking reservations for Fall and Spring education seasons with field trips for teachers, students, parents and the general public that can include:

-Observing migratory bird banding up close
-How biologists collect and use scientific data to monitor bird populations
-Education about prairie and wetland ecosystems
-Learning about sustainable ranching practices
-Prairie plant biology and more

To schedule a field trip or receive more information, please contact: | 719.213.1830. Click here to learn more about our education programs.

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